For proper care of his shoes, it is important not to use the same pair of shoes for more than two consecutive days: the best thing would indeed change their shoes every day. In this way the shoes are not under stress, the material relaxes and resumes its original shape, so the shoes also take some air and moisture released from the feet to dry completely and effortlessly.

Each shoe must be cleaned in different ways depending on the material it is made: the only rule that applies to every shoe is to gently clean and do not press too hard when cleaning.


Even the soles you can use the same cleaning method for all the shoes: dotatevi brush, then put yourself on a sink, slide the water (being careful to soak only the soles and the uppers do not splash) used soap neutral to brush well the entire surface, including that part of the sole on the sides of the shoe.

Now you can dedicate to the upper here is the main material and the main methods of cleaning to be taken:

Leather Shoes
The leather shoes are delicate and should be treated with caution: use a soft cloth soaked in milk to remove dirt, rubbing gently. The lotion is great for clean skin, let dry, then put a sunscreen on the upper, you spread evenly with a brush to, finally, take a woolen cloth and thoroughly clean the shoe to make it shiny and protected.

Suede shoes
The suede is very fragile and delicate: there are products specifically for removing stains from suede, if you prefer the DIY do not push more than a damp cloth or soft brush to go dry, or use a piece of para and rub in the same direction, for the most stubborn stains, use an ordinary fine sand paper, followed by the use of para, and a protective spray for suede.

Patent leather shoes
The paint gets dirty easily, but it is also easy to clean: just because a soft cloth dampened with water and some soap for stubborn stains.